Pure PHIT is PURE Pilates High Intensity Training.


Pilates get INTENSE in this barre fusion class that combines traditional functional Pilates moves with a serious burn at the barre all while keeping it fresh with sweet props to both assist and challenge your movements.


Efficient, effective and fun. Our barre classes will deliver results! Using your own bodyweight, small props and weights, our barre workout Pure PHIT, targets the muscles in your arms, abs, butt and thighs giving you a chiselled body, fast.

Get your heart racing with a dynamic cardio warm up followed by a standing barre series, then sculpt your entire backline at the barre, strengthen your upper body with focused weighted arm movements and finish off with a fun flow on the mat to challenge your core and trunk stabilisers and restore mobility in your spine.


Top it off with good tunes and good vibes and you get the newest barre in town, Pure PHIT.


Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, the barre exercises can be modified for beginners, pregnant barre clients or clients with injuries, but can also be intensified for clients looking for more challenge.


No prior experience is required to try the barre classes in our Perth studio. Pregnant clients are welcome in our classes upon informing our front desk and signing a prenatal waiver.


Please wear comfortable exercise clothing and grippy socks are essential –  bring your own or we sell these at the studio.

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