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A Pilates reformer machine is ideal for individuals who wish to improve their core stability and postural alignment. You can find several affordable Pilates reformer for sale from our wide range of products. 

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Pilates Machines

As the shop that sells the best Pilates reformer Australia, we offer a variety of Pilates machines for you to choose from. We even have a bundle for you to get all the machines and equipment you need for your home.

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Pilates Equipment

Pure Moves does not only sell reformer Pilates machine for sale. You can opt to buy Pilates reformer equipment from us that you can use separately or you can add it to your machine.

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Pilates Apparel

Of course, the whole workout will not be complete without the apparel. Select the ideal apparel that suits your taste or matches your Pilates reformer machine for home.

High-quality pilates reformer machines

Each Pilates enthusiast should have a trusted Pilates store. The first thing you should look for is a high-quality reformer machine for sale or top-rate equipment. The Pilates reformer for sale that you will purchase should be made with fine materials to guarantee that you can use it for years.

Pure Moves ensures that we do a thorough quality check of our products, including reformer bed and other home Pilates reformer. Our trusted staff will even test the Pilates reformer machine before sending it to you. We also have reformer machine that can be used in clinics, Pilates studios, and fitness centres, catering to every Australian who is interested in Pilates.

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Excellent pilates advice and support

Whether you are a fitness centre owner or an individual who is looking for a home reformer Pilates machine for sale, our excellent support team can assist you with your needs. Our fitness experts can recommend the perfect Pilates reformer for sale for you.

If this is your first time incorporating Pilates into your life, our Pilates trainers can give you more tips and benefits of Pilates reformer to help you decide which reformer Pilates machine for sale you will choose. We can provide you with a sample workout using a home Pilates reformer to make the whole process easier for you.

Australia wide Pilates reformer shipping

Home Pilates reformers are getting popular as more people are staying at home. Pure Moves offers the best Pilates reformer Australia. Since we are based in Australia, we take pride in our super-organised Australia-wide shipping. This means that when you buy reformer Pilates machine, you can expect it to be delivered via courier. Even if you purchase the reformer for sale from our online store, we will still deliver the reformer Pilates bed or your chosen Pilates reformer machine to your doorstep.

As part of our service, we ensure that you will not go through any hassle when you buy reformer equipment from us. From deciding the right reformer machine for sale to delivering the preferred item, we will handle everything for you. Just tell us what machine you need, and leave the rest to us! 

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Frequently asked questions

Pure Moves caters to all individuals who are into Pilates. Whether you are an individual searching for a Pilates reformer machine for home, a Pilates enthusiast upgrading your Pilates reformer for sale, or a fitness store owner adding a reformer bed to your centre, we have the machines for you. If you still have concerns you wish to know, leave us a message or refer to our FAQ section.

Pure Moves’s Pilates collection might solve your problem! As the leading supplier of Pilates reformer Australia, our products come in different sizes, styles, and uses. We plan to maximise the benefits of Pilates reformer by offering you a wide range of machines and equipment. Contact us today!

Pilates is a type of workout that focuses on strengthening your body. By emphasising core strength, individuals can boost their overall general fitness and well-being. To achieve the many benefits of Pilates, you would need a Pilates reformer machine. You can buy Pilates reformer online or visit fitness stores that offer reformer Pilates machine for sale.

As mentioned, you can buy Pilates reformer to improve your overall physique. The reformer can boost your strength, balance, and flexibility. There are other benefits that you can get from a Pilates reformer machine for home like injury recovery and weight loss. You can buy reformer machines from fitness stores like Pure Moves.

Most people would confuse the two. If you are one of them, don’t worry. The main difference between the two is that yoga is used to improve the flexibility of your joints and body. Meanwhile, Pilates is more about relaxing and strengthening your tensed muscles.

If you wish to try Pilates, we would recommend that you buy reformer to maximise the benefits of Pilates.

If you are the type who is seeking to improve your core stability or opting to have better postural alignment, then a Pilates reformer is worth buying. Pure Moves is a fitness store that allows you to buy reformer Pilates machine that is within budget and guaranteed to last long.

The main reason reformer Pilates is expensive is because the materials used in the Pilates reformer machine for home or any Pilates reformer machine should be of high quality. Even if you opt to attend Pilates classes instead, the rate will be higher as compared with other fitness classes as the instructor must have a certificate to train people. Pilates is a complex workout that would require a lot of time and effort. The best part? All hard work will be worth it.

With the increasing popularity of Pilates reformers, more and more individuals are purchasing their own reformer machine. If you cannot decide which Pilates reformer machine to try, some examples are
reformer Pilates bed and Pilates cadillac.

The answer is a big yes! Through the reformer machine, your body will be required to move, helping you eliminate excess fats in your body. Just take note that losing weight is not the main objective of a Pilates reformer. It is usually for rehabilitation that involves the whole body, which can be related to losing weight.

There are several reformers that you can use. Some of these are jumpboard, vertical frame, and reformer box. The equipment you will use should depend on your purpose of incorporating Pilates into your daily routine. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact our support team to assist you. We have Pilates trainers to help you figure out the right Pilates reformer machine.

It is a bed-like frame structure that has a flat platform called carriage. This rolls back and forth using the wheels. The end of the carriage is attached to the end of the reformer for you to use. The reformer bed also has long straps with handles used for pulling arms or legs. This equipment helps improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.

A reformer box is used as support by Pilates enthusiasts. This item is optional, giving you a choice not to buy it if not necessary. However, if you wish to increase the challenge, prevent injury, add variety, or improve modification, then a reformer box would be a good choice. Pure Moves offers different Pilates props and equipment for you to try, including a reformer box.

The right Pilates reformer store should offer a wide range of equipment and machines. Not only that, each product must be of high quality, to ensure that it can be used for many years to come. You can try to look for fitness stores near you but Pure Moves sells the best Pilates equipment in Australia.

For years, we have been serving Australian fitness experts with our top-rate equipment. Our team is comprised of healthcare professionals and Pilates experts, ready to assist you anytime you need our help. Leave us a message, and we will take care of you!

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