5 Ways to Find 5 Minutes in your Day

As much as we’re trying to deny it, the holidays are nearly over. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! We want you take all those amazing chilled out #holidayvibes into your working year. We’ve created a quick guide on how to find 5 minutes in your day for when you need to take a moment and reset. Because let’s face it, we’d all rather be lying on the beach with a cocktail in hand.

We hope all our Pure Moves clients had a relaxing Christmas and New Year with family and friends. Here’s to a happy, healthy and mindful 2019!

Turn off your phone
That’s right, we said it. Turn. It. Off. You’ll be surprised just how much peace, clarity and productivity will come from not having a device demanding your attention. You may also be surprised just how easy it is to reach for the phone and mindlessly scroll social media when you’re a little bored. Set yourself a challenge and see if you can manage a whole hour each day without your phone. 5 minutes at a time. You got this!

Find 5 by taking a walk in natureGet out into nature

There is nothing more healing than getting out into nature to recharge the batteries. Set an alert in your calendar to find 5 minutes out of the office, away from the computer and phone calls. A brisk walk around the block or to get a quick coffee can make the world of difference to your mood, productivity and overall sense of wellbeing. Plus, the weather is just so darn divine at the moment, you won’t need much convincing to soak up a little vitamin D.

Rise and shine
Set your alarm for five minutes earlier and dedicate this time completely to yourself. Sip tea or coffee in the early morning light or sit with your pet for five minutes. These moments to ourselves are so precious when the rest of the world demands so much of us 24/7. Starting the morning like this can instil a real sense of peace and will have a flow on effect for the rest of your day.(Find more tips on how to be a morning person here)

Have a laugh
Jump onto YouTube and watch a couple of funny videos for five minutes. There is a reason why they say laughter is the best medicine too. When we laugh, endorphins are released into the brain, promoting a positive psychological mood state and decreasing stress levels. 

Find 5 By Writing Down 3 Things You're Thankful ForSay thanks
Set aside five minutes before you go to bed each night to jot down three things that you were grateful for that day. They could be as simple as a hot coffee, finding the perfect parking spot when you were running late or a smile from a stranger. Reflecting on positive moments from your day can have a huge impact on the brain and completely stop negative thought patterns in their tracks.