Try this 7 Minute on the go Pilates Flow

Missing your Pure Moves Pilates fix? Try our 7 Minute Pilates On The Go Flow with Laura. Short and sweet so it can be squeezed into even the busiest of holiday schedules.

Typically, holidays are a time for rest and rejuvenation. And for the most part, you should allow yourself some down time, another Pinot Grigio and a gelato (or two). But for the more active among us, remaining fit and healthy on holidays is important too. There is nothing worse than the post-holiday blues when you realise you’re not only back into the daily grind, but that you’re not feeling your best physically.

At Pure Moves, we believe life is all about balance so whether you’re kicking it poolside in Bali, just sneaking down south for a long weekend, or just can’t make it to the studio in the chaos of school holidays, we’ve put together some exercises that you can take anywhere with our amazing instructor Laura. All you need is yourself and a Pure Moves ball (you can grab one in studio!).

Do this 7 Minute Pilates video once through if you’re on a schedule but if you want a challenge, do 3 x the reps for each exercise.

Want to experience a full length class with Laura in person? Take a look at her schedule here

Happy moving!