A Day In The Life of An Instructor – Alyssa

Pilates & Barre Instructor Alyssa

After falling in love with the magic of movement through dancing at a young age, Alyssa knew she had a passion to pursue. Her formal dance training at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts led to an introduction to Pilates and it was here that she developed a strong interest in the ways it benefited her dance training.

Alyssa now brings a wealth of experience and passion to a very lucky client base here at Pure Moves where she takes a range of classes across the timetable in fun and dynamic workouts.

A typical day in the life of Alyssa starts at 6.30am and involves poached eggs, coffee and kitten cuddles – um, perfect! “Then I head to the studio to either teach or take part in a class – either Barre or Pilates”

“During the day, I am either working or running errands. I love fitting in an afternoon walk to help me unwind from the day and stretch my legs” After this, it’s dinner and bedtime.

“My daily wellness must have is a protein smoothie, I can’t live without it!” Her magic formula includes ice, almond milk, water, banana, protein and a teaspoon of turmeric – perfect for fuelling a full day of teaching and dancing.

Barre Instructor at Pure Moves Alyssa

When it comes to beauty, Alyssa loves a Lush exfoliating scrub each night and a combination of DMK’s Beta Gel and Pore Reduction Drops followed by a light foundation or tinted moisturiser for the day.

Her perfect way to unwind for the day? “I have lots of little rituals that help me unwind or relax, whether its some meditation before bed, a gentle walk or just chilling on the couch with a sneaky glass of wine, I think its so important to take time at night to just be”

We couldn’t agree more! You’ll see Alyssa’s name making a regular appearance on the Pure Moves schedule so be sure to book in for one of her classes at www.puremoves.com.au or via the app.