A Day In The Life Of An Instructor – Claudia

Pure Moves Barre Instructor - Claudia

Have you met our newest Barre babe? A dancer from the tender age of two, Claudia is a natural when it comes to dance and movement and commands our Barre PHIT classes with elegance and grace…but don’t be fooled by this ballerina, her classes will have you feeling the burn and leave feeling strong and fit.

Let’s meet her!

Tell us a bit about your dance and professional training background

Dancing has always been part of my life. I studied full time ballet for three years during high school where my days would consist of ballet, contemporary, Pilates, dance and health theory from 8:30-5pm and I would then do my school work from home after those hours!

After my time training in ballet I studied Communications at university and went on to work full time in sports media. During this time I continued dance classes and teaching ballet 3-4 times a week.  

How did you get into teaching Barre?

I‘ve always known movement is my form of mindfulness and a way to express myself. While working full time I felt I wasn’t fulfilling this part of me and that’s when I found barre! A mixture of the techniques I’d learnt throughout my training in ballet and dancing, I immediately loved it.  

What does a typical day look like for you?  

Every day is different for me, which I love. Some mornings I help out in the special needs department at a local primary school. I love teaching children and it’s amazing to see their growth in the classroom. I would then normally go to ballet teaching for the afternoon, but instead I am rehearsing for Legally Blonde at the moment until around 10pm. I teach Musical Theatre classes all day Saturday, and Sunday’s are for Legally Blonde rehearsals as well. I really got my wish to keep my body moving everyday… 

What are your health and fitness must haves every day? 

I start every day with a big glass of water and prefer to do my workout in the morning where time permits! Depending on how my body is feeling I will do a HIIT workout, Barre Class or Pilates using the PHIT Method. I ALWAYS make time to stretch my body in the morning- it gets my blood flowing and relieves any stress or tensions I have. It’s also my way to create a balanced space inside my head and prepare for my day. I generally won’t go a day without eating a banana and having a green tea. I also have a healthy obsession with the benefits of eating broccoli at the moment…   

What are your go to beauty products each day?

I have quite dry skin and a few months ago I came across Dr Dennis Gross and his miracle working face moisturiser! I also use an amazing Japanese Peach Jelly lip moisturiser before I leave the house everyday – it sounds weird I know but it works wonders. 

How do you like to unwind after a big day? 

It definitely depends on what mood I’m in. Mostly I love sitting out on the balcony with a glass of red wine enjoying the fresh air, (a habit I picked up during lockdown) or a trip to the beach to ground myself and jump in the water to wash away the day!  

Tell us one fun fact about you! 

I am currently rehearsing for Legally Blonde: the musical at Crown Theatre. To perform in a professional theatre production has been a dream of mine since I first started dancing, I’ve never been happier!  

If you haven’t tried one of Claudia’s classes yet, we promise you won’t be disappointed! Check out www.puremoves.com.au to book in for some serious Barre PHIT burn.