A Day in the Life of an Instructor – Danka

It’s been a year of introductions and new faces here at Pure Moves, but we couldn’t be happier to have a growing team of phenomenal instructors to offer our clients. Joining the schedule in 2021 is Danka, an experienced dancer and WAAPA graduate, who’s love for Pilates unfolded as she discovered this way of movement to supplement her dance training and keep her body in peak condition.  

A self-confessed obsessive when it comes to fine movement control, finding mind-body connection and feeling the burn in class, Danka’s classes are aimed at challenging the mind and body whilst leaving you feeling refreshed and strong.  

Let’s find out what makes Danka tick…  

I’m generally an early riser, so a typical day for me starts with a coffee or tea and a walk if I’m not teaching first thing. I usually spend the day running errands, catching up with friends or finding some time in the sun. I also try and fit in a class such as mat, reformer or barre and get up to date with planning my own classes.  

My evenings consist of a sunset walk as well as a stretch or foam roll, followed by a cuppa while watching Netflix.  

Daily movement is a non-negotiable for me in terms of my health. Whether it’s a walk, class, a quick ab series or some stretching I believe it’s so important to move your body every day. I’m also a big herbal tea fan and count green, peppermint and lemon and ginger as my favourites. 

When it comes to beauty, I love clean, preservative free brands. I completely switched my whole skincare range to O Cosmedics recently and have noticed a huge change in my skin health. I also love that their product line is Australian made and owned as well as being paraben and fragrance free with very little preservatives. I often just wear some foundation and a neutral or blush lip colour as my everyday makeup look.   

I love to unwind with a cup of herbal tea before bed as it calms my system and keeps me hydrated. A stretch or foam roll session with a TV series or movie is also a nice way to switch off and chill out!  

View the schedule and book in for one of Danka’s classes here, her classes will leave you feeling invigorated and ­­ready to take on the day!