A Day In The Life of Instructor Laura W

Laura W Pilates Instructor at Pure Moves

They say good things come in pairs and when it comes to the “Pure Moves Lauras” we couldn’t agree more! Last year we introduced you to our resident surfer babe instructor, Laura T, and now we’re excited to give you the inside scoop on Laura W. 

Laura found Pilates after she ended up in rehabilitation for a broken back. Unable to walk and move properly, Pilates got Laura back on her feet and able to resume normal life. She fell in love with it and lucky for us, decided to train to become an instructor. 

Her sweet nature and thorough teaching method has quickly gained her a dedicated following at the studio. We recommend booking early if you want to nab a spot in one of her classes!  You can catch her for a Pilates Mat, Reformer or Barre PHIT class at the studio.

Let’s meet Laura W… 

Pure Moves Pilates Instructor Laura W

On a typical day I am usually up at about 5am to shower and get ready for the day, then it’s off to teach my lovely morning classes. During the middle of the day I run around getting some life admin done, exercise, go for a relaxing walk and sometimes fit in a cheeky nap! 

After my afternoon classes I am home around 8.30pm to eat, sleep and repeat the next day. 

My health and fitness must have every day is to move my body in some way for myself. It’s so important for me to make time for my own practice each day which is usually a Pilates or Yoga class, walk or run. It’s also super important for me to listen to my body – sometimes it just needs a rest which is just as important as movement! 

When it comes to skin and beauty I would say I am pretty low maintenance but I love Moroccan oil for my hair! It is so nourishing and hydrating and of course smells amazing. 

My favourite way to unwind after a big day is to share dinner with my partner. I also love to enjoy a soothing peppermint tea before bed, such a nice little ritual!