Angela Tsun Shares Why She Loves Prenatal Pilates

Are you pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or know someone who is? We all know that pilates is great for giving you a killer rig, but did you know that there are so many benefits of doing prenatal pilates throughout your pregnancy?

Whilst pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time for the mamma-to-be, it can also bring along with it increased aches and pains,  pelvic floor issues, muscle tightness, restrictions and imbalances. These symptoms can all be helped by some regular pilates! Pilates is also a great, non-impact form of exercise to maintain your fitness, help keep you relaxed and it prepares your body for a more comfortable labour and birth. By keeping up pilates throughout your pregnancy, your body also recover a lot better and you’ll get back into shape more easily post bub.

One of our clients Angela Tsun (Angela is News anchor for Channel 7 Perth.  She reads 7 News Perth’s 6pm weekend bulletins!) has been coming to us throughout her pregnancy and not only looks a picture of health but she has kindly let us know how else Pilates has benefited her pregnancy:

“Before I fell pregnant, I had been doing Pilates for 2 years and became totally addicted, squeezing in at least 3 – 4 classes a week. 

During the pregnancy I’ve tried to keep up the same schedule as it’s my therapy!

After class I feel energized, stronger and happier. And it helps to reduce my stress levels. 

Even when I was battling morning sickness and fatigue in the early stages- I found that on the days I did Pilates I generally felt better (even if it was for the short time I was in class).

There’s no doubt my body has changed throughout the pregnancy, and I’ve had to adjust many of the exercises I would usually perform on the reformer machine. 

But there’s still plenty I can do! Like strengthening my pelvic floor, legs, butt and arms, which will hopefully help my recovery post partum.  

The sessions are low impact – so it’s a great way to work through any pregnancy aches and pains, stretch out your ribcage as the belly grows, and keep the spine mobile. 

Plus there’s the social side- you get to meet other pregnant women and mums- which has been reassuring, aspiring and at times provided plenty of laughs.  

Peace, love and happiness 

Angela Tsun”

We welcome pregnant clients in all of our pilates reformer classes here at Pure Moves and recommend a private session before commencing classes. New clients can take advantage of our intro offer – 1 private and 4 classes for $149 or our Pre/Post Natal Pack – 1 x 45 min privates and 10 classes for $299. Phone us to book on 6161 7591.

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