So what is this BOXILATES that Victoria Secret models are raving about?!

Seen a few people leaving Pure Moves glowing, laughing and dripping with a little sweat? The Victoria Secrets Angels rave about this workout… want to get in on their secret? Introducing BOXILATES…

BOXILATES is the latest way to get your Pilates BURN on. This 55 minute class is seriously satisfying. Had a stressful day? If you have ever done a boxing class you will know that it is a fantastic way to release any tension from your day-to-day life. Whether that is mummy tension, work tension, relationship tension or you just are feeling a bit blegh. “Boxing is hard, tiring, sweaty and well, pretty damn satisfying actually – no wonder those Victoria Secret models regularly get in the ring!”

The combination of boxing with Pilates will not only give you those chiselled arms and flat abs you have been chasing but is a total whole body workout with the added benefit of stress release!

BOXILATES runs as an interval style class with partner boxing segments mixed in with matwork pilates segments delivering you the best strength, cardio and toning elements from each workout. You’ll walk away with your flexibility increased, your arms and core on fire and your overall state of wellbeing will be through the roof!

We don’t know about you, but when we tried this class the adrenalin and buzz that it gave us left us bouncing out of the studio. Who doesn’t want to feel like this??

Come and see what it is all about and book yourself into a class now! You can try BOXILATES as part of any of our Floor classes and offers. The best part about BOXILATES? It can be adapted to ANY ones level of fitness and no prior experience is needed!

See you in the Pilates ring!