Catherine’s Story – How Pure Moves Changed her Body

Catherine's Pure Moves Story Having had a taste for the Pilates life overseas, Pure Moves member Catherine was looking for a Pilates studio in Perth that ticked all the boxes: close to home, flexible timetable and great instructors. It seems that’s not all she found when she started committing to regular classes at Pure Moves.

Not only did she manage to overcome post-natal muscle separation issues (diastasis recti) during private classes with instructor Kelley, when she added Pure Moves’ PHIT classes to her schedule, she noticed the biggest change in her body yet.

“As soon as PHIT came to the timetable I got hooked! It just works so well for me. The instructors are great, as are the timeslots, plus I feel I get a complete workout. I’ve never felt better since I started Pure PHIT and Power PHIT”

Catherine's Pure Moves Story  -  Pure PHIT

So much so, that Catherine has seen an amazing 6kg weight loss since she started PHIT regularly in March. Not only has she noticed more muscle tone and better energy levels, but she says that her clothes fit much better and she has even stayed motivated throughout the cold weather!

Catherine's Pure Moves Story -  at the Barre“The change I’ve seen in my body and the community at Pure Moves is what keeps me coming back. I never find it difficult making it to class. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that if you work at it, you’ll see results quickly.”

Catherine attends between 3 and 5 classes each week on the Pure Moves COMBO membership. Pure PHIT is her go-to class but she makes sure she mixes it up to keep her body guessing!