With such a huge variety of class style offerings, Pure Moves is the only studio you need. From a relaxing and restorative Reset & Realign class, a form-focused Pilates class to a high intensity, sweat PHIT class, we have all of your fitness needs all under 1 roof.

Pilates Reformer:

Pilates on the spring loaded resistance bed designed by Joseph Pilates. The springs can be adjusted to provide either more challenge or more support, depending on your needs. Low-impact yet highly effective for full body toning.

Suitable for pregnancy after completion of a pregnancy private.  

*NEW* Reformer Sweat:

Reformer gets intense in this 45 minute flowing, fitness-focused Pilates class using the Reformer.Work through traditional Reformer exercises with a side of extra burn that will sculpt & tone your whole body. A moderate level of fitness and an injury-free body is required.

Not suitable for beginners or pregnancy. 

Pilates Mat:

Using principles of alignment and control, these low impact exercises on the mat will challenge and build core strength, as well as improve posture, balance and flexibility and muscle tone throughout the entire body. Add the variety of small props to both assist and challenge and this class will always keep your body guessing.

Not suitable for pregnancy.

Reset & Realign:

Mobility, flexibility and stability are the focus in this new stretch and release focused Pilates Mat class. Using the foam roller, spikey balls and props, you’ll lengthen those tight spots and strengthen the weak spots to make your body feel beautifully balanced in no time.

Not suitable for pregnancy.

*NEW* Mat Sweat:

Up the ante of your traditional Pilates Mat class in this fast-paced, challenging 45 minute flow. Same classic Pilates moves with a little extra spice to fire up the muscles and leave you sweaty. A moderate level of fitness and an injury-free body is required.

Not suitable for beginners or pregnancy. 

Barre PHIT: 

This Barre fusion class that combines traditional functional Pilates moves with a serious burn at the Barre all while keeping it fresh with sweet new props to both assist and challenge your movements all while moving to the beat to distract you from the burn.

Suitable for pregnant after approval from Pure Moves.

Power PHIT: 

Experience a high intensity interval style class with the safety and efficiency of the Pilates principles. This 45 minute class fuses Mobility, Cardio, Sculpting and Power into a series of movements designed to make you SWEAT.  

Not suitable for pregnancy.

Circuit PHIT: 

A high intensity circuit class like you’ve never seen before. 4 stations over 45 minutes using the best of PHIT Studio’s unique equipment like the TRX, & Power Plate with an extra side of Pilates sprinkled in.

Not suitable for pregnancy.


TRX classes utilises ceiling-mounted straps and your own body weight against gravity for a three dimensional stamina building workout. Fantastic for building strength and also boosting your heart rate, this 30 minute fast-paced and effective class won’t disappoint.

Not suitable for pregnancy.

Power Plate: 

Exercise on these vibrational platforms which oscillate up to 50 times per second, stimulating muscle contractions and delivering a 60-90 minute gym workout in just 30 minutes. Side benefits are a boost in circulation and bone density and reduced cellulite. 

Not suitable for pregnancy.