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We’ve put together a selection of FREE online Pilates & Barre (Pure PHIT) classes via our online workout platform – The PHIT Method.

Transform your body by streaming your workout at home in your living room or on holiday on your TV, mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
Whether you’re a Pilates veteran, Barre addict or a HIIT junkie, The PHIT method has an online class to help you reach your fitness goals.
Learn and improve your form with our Pilates Mat and Reset & Realign classes or take your fitness to the next level in a Barre PHIT or Power PHIT class.
Stream dozens of online workouts with multiple class styles, lengths and equipment used to get visible results, fast!

Quick Pilates Mat Flow with Laura

Quick Pilates Mat Flow with Laura

Move your whole body in all directions in this quick half hour Pilates Mat Flow with Laura. Just you and your body vs gravity with no equipment needed in this class. While this class is flowing at a slightly faster pace, it is suitable for all levels as options are offered throughout.

Quick Barre PHIT Abs with Kacey

Quick Pure PHIT Abs with Kacey - Free Online Classes

When you’re short on time but want to sculpt that six pack, try this 5 minute non-stop abdominal series with Kacey.

Barre PHIT Foldover Series with Melissa

Pure PHIT Foldover Series w Melissa - Free Online Classes

Get your heart pumping and your booty burning in this standing foldover series with Melissa that focuses, on glutes, thighs & hamstrings.

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