Why you need to add High Intensity & Cardio Classes to your Routine

High Intensity Cardio Classes at Pure MovesSpring is almost upon us which can only mean one thing, summer will be here before we know it! Spent more time on the couch than working out this winter? If the thought of breaking out your summer wardrobe is a bit traumatic, don’t worry, we’ve got you. The best way to kick off good exercise habits and to shift that pesky winter weight is to get your heart rate pumping. We suggest aiming for a good sweat sesh 2-3 times per week. Power up your Pilates workout this spring with some high intensity cardio classes. Sweaty fun and summer bodies guaranteed! Here are just a few of our favourite reasons why you need to add high intensity and cardio to your Pilates mix…

  1. Burn fat quicker
    It’s no secret that high intensity, cardio workouts are the key to weight loss and fat burning. As soon as you get that heart rate pumping regularly, you’ll notice your metabolism quickening and weight loss will be much more achievable.
  2. Boosted energy levels
    As your aerobic fitness increases, your body becomes better at moving oxygen into your bloodstream, making your muscles more efficient. Regular cardio workouts will provide your system with a sense of energy you never knew you had, which has a flow on effect to your mood and confidence levels.
  3. Better sleep
    This one is a no brainer really, but physical exertion really does wonders for a good night’s sleep. Exercise contributes to a more sound and restful sleep by increasing time spent in deep sleep, which is the most physically restorative sleep phase. Not only will you wake up feeling more energized and refreshed, but deep sleep also helps boost immune function, supports cardiac health and controls stress. Win!
  4. You’ll live longer
    Studies have shown that cardio exercise is not only great in the short term, but also as a preventative health measure too. Hands up who wants to decrease their risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and improve bone and muscle health?!
  5. It’s fun!
    Make it a date with a friend or significant other to sweat together a few times a week. We promise you’ll not only be smiling your way through class (yes, even during those never-ending planks) but you’ll look forward to it more if you’re working out with a buddy. Great excuse to squeeze in a catch up with a post-Pilates brunch afterwards too.

When starting a new exercise routine, or adding new workouts to your existing routine, it’s so important to start slowly. There’s nothing worse than jumping in all guns blazing only to fall off the bandwagon to injury or fatigue. Set realistic workout days and times, choose classes that you enjoy and the rest will fall into place!

Don’t know where to start in fine-tuning your new Summer routine? Take the quiz below and read on to learn more about our higher intensity classes that will take your fitness game to the next level…

Your Perfect Pure Moves Class Match

Jumpboard Reformer
If you’ve ever taken a Reformer Pilates class, you’ll know all about that deep burn. Jumpboard Reformer is everything you love about the spring-loaded resistance workout, but at a higher intensity to really get the heart rate going. Reformer is an amazing all over body workout because it strengthens and lengthens muscles without adding bulk. Jumpboard Reformer takes it to a whole new level with a series of cardio exercises that burn more calories and sculpt the body faster using the jumpboard attachment.


Pure Moves’ exclusive take on Barre, Pure PHIT, is the latest class to hit the timetable. It is offered daily for those looking to burn some serious calories and tone up, pronto! A combination of barre and traditional Pilates, using the barre and supporting props including sliders, hand and ankle weights and resistance tubes to really get the muscles firing. This low impact, high intensity class involves an energetic cardio warm up, followed by a series at the barre and then mat work to get that core going. You can’t go wrong with Pure PHIT for a complete body workout leading into summer.

Power PHIT
If you love HIIT (high intensity interval training), then say hello to your new favourite class, Power PHIT. HIIT is known as the best type of exercise for burning fat and our Power PHIT class is no exception. Focused sculpting intervals combined with blasts of cardio will work your whole body and leave you feeling toned and taut in no time. Class finishes with a 15 minute myofascial roll and stretch to help ease any sore spots.

A sure fire way to get your muscles (and metabolism) going is with a TRX class. This workout focuses on suspension training and the movements of the body while, well…suspended. Designed to work core muscles and increase strength and stability, TRX is a 30-minute class and the results speak for themselves. If you haven’t tried TRX yet, give it a go!

This game changer combines good old-fashioned boxing with a toning Pilates mat class. It’s interval style training at its best which improves cardio fitness, strength and works the core, arms and back. Our Boxilates class is suitable for all fitness levels and will help you to blast fat and tone up quickly.