The Benefits of adding a Home Workout to your Routine

Workout at Home - The PHIT MethodWe love nothing more than the friendly, smiling faces that pass through the doors at Pure Moves each day. It’s the special community of amazing people that keeps Pure Moves alive. While we’d love you all to be at the studio 24/7, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way and it can be hard to get to class. This is where a home workout can come into play.

Babysitters cancel, work runs late or maybe you just can’t get out of the house. Whatever happens, we’ve got you! We created The PHIT Method online so you could take your practice anywhere, giving you the freedom to get your Pilates fix when it suits you best.

We’ve also discovered some nifty little perks that come with a home workout. If you’re haven’t tried The PHIT Method yet, read on and prepare to plank like no one is watching.

Home Workout - The PHIT Method

Do it when it suits you
Shift worker? Juggling kids? Travel for work? Some of us have the craziest schedules and fitting in a visit to Pure Moves is sometimes just impossible. Fear not, The PHIT Method online never sleeps so you can enjoy a workout whenever it suits you and your life. Whether it be a Pilates class at home in your lounge room or a Barre class by the pool on vacation!

Save time
If you’re time poor, The PHIT Method online is perfect for you. Fit in a workout at a moments notice or if you’ve only got 30 minutes up your sleeve. You’ll save heaps of time travelling to and from class so there’s no excuse for not fitting in a few sessions per week!

Get out of your fitness rut
Sometimes we fall off the fitness bandwagon, and that’s totally ok! But when you’re not feeling your best self, it can hard to be drum up the motivation required to get to a class. Meaning you’re more likely to settle in for another evening of MAFS rather than doing a workout (guilty!). Easing back into a regular workout schedule in the comfort and privacy of your own home by streaming a workout online can give you just the confidence boost you need to come back to exercise in a group setting.

Wear what you want
Plank and pliè to your heart’s content in your PJ’s, we’re not judging! As long as you’re dressed properly and comfortably for the workout (hello sports bra) then it doesn’t really matter what you wear.

Pure PHIT Foldover Series w MelissaDo what suits you
Feeling a little slow and sluggish today? No problem. Go at your own pace and hit pause when you need to. With The PHIT Method online, you are the boss of your workout so you can have a little breather if your body needs it. Plus, the huge variety of class styles available online will have something to suit you no matter your mood. Choose from a form focused Pilates Mat class, restorative Reset & Realign class or a sweaty Pure PHIT or Power PHIT class.

Want to try it for yourself? Head HERE to give it a go for FREE!