Feeling the cold? These classes will fire you up!

Don’t let a bit of rain and cold stop you from working up a sweat! Not only is it warm and cosy in our studio, we have some seriously hot classes to get you fired up and feeling the burn!!


This game changer combines good old fashioned boxing with a toning Pilates mat class. It’s interval style training at its best which improves cardio fitness, strength and works the core, arms and back. This is a great class that is suitable for all fitness levels.

Athletic Reformer

Athletic Reformer is everything you love about the spring loaded resistance workout, but at a higher intensity to really get the heart rate going! Reformer Pilates is great because it strengthens and lengthens muscles without adding bulk, and Athletic Reformer takes it to a whole new level with a series of exercises that burn more calories and sculpt the body faster. Athletic Reformer

A sure fire way to get your muscles (and metabolism) going is with a TRX class. This workout focuses on suspension training and the movements of the body while, well…suspended. Designed to work core muscles and increase strength, this is a 45-minute class that is over before you know it and the results are almost instantaneous.


Pure Moves’ very own Barre method, Pure PHIT, is designed to get the heart pumping and those muscles shaking, Barre works every part of the body, sculpting long, lean muscle. What’s great about Xtend Barre is the combination of cardio and toning, the ultimate all-in-one for a killer body!

Power Plate

Power Plates

These 30-minute classes are perfect for those who are time poor and want to pack in a short but effective workout. Traditional exercises such as planking, lunges, squats and push-ups are performed on a Power Plate machine where different muscle groups are stimulated by a vibrating platform. The constant muscle action is so effective that you’ll seriously feel the burn the next day!

They say summer bodies are made in winter, and you know what? They’re right. Keep up your hard work throughout the colder months and you’ll reap the benefits when bikini season comes around again.

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Lucy is a beauty and lifestyle writer with a background in marketing and public relations. When she’s not writing you can probably find her doing pilates at Pure Moves. Read more of her stories at www.lucysays.com.au