Improve Your Running Through Pilates

Real Men Do Pilates – Just Ask Robert

One of our favourite regular clients, Robert De La Motte is an ultra-marathon runner, a cyclist, a mountain-biker and an Ironman Competitor. Oh, and also now a pilates gun thanks to coming 3 times a week to our Reformer classes with Laura! He has just come back from running the Berlin Marathon in 3:09 and says his core strength was “beyond Superman”. We are pretty impressed! We find out more about his training regime and how Pilates has helped his health and fitness:

  • How has Pilates helped you with your endurance running?

Without doubt my core strength through abdomen and upper body has improved significantly over the past few years. Likewise stretching hamstrings, calves, quads, spine and more through Pilates has enabled me to avoid any significant injury or muscle strains. My body posture has also improved making my running style more efficient.

  • What advice would you give to any other males that were thinking about starting Pilates?

Try and touch your toes in the shower. A few years ago I could barely reach halfway down my shins. Today I can place my hands on the floor due to Pilates. Flexibility and agility are essential for maintaining good health and a fun, active lifestyle. Some men have a hang-up about exercising with women be it running, cycling or Pilates? Personally I find exercising with inter-generational and inter-gender groups far more interesting than continuously hanging out with the same group of male friends.

  • What is your favourite Pilates movement and why?

About 9:30 am at the end of class when we wipe down the equipment and head out the door complaining about how tough the class was. No, in all seriousness the appeal of Pure Moves’ Pilates classes is the variety of movement and the unpredictability of class routines from one week to the next. I easily get bored so I find I need to listen to my instructor (mainly Laura) very carefully … I do try my best even though I very often get it wrong … possibly as an attention seeking trick …

  • Has Pilates influenced any other area of your health and fitness?

I always walk out of class feeling taller, healthier and inspired. I am pretty tall and spent 35 years deskbound in a corporate career, running and cycling whenever possible to stay fit. I never had time for stretching classes like Yoga or Pilates and my body tightened up like a coil. Since retiring in 2009 I have had time to indulge in Pilates with surprising benefits. I recently ran the Berlin Marathon and managed to complete the second half of the marathon faster than the second half of Boston marathon two years earlier. I attribute this to my improved core strength from Pilates. Likewise cycling in the Dolomites in June with a considerably younger group of guys, my core strength was a bonus. I rode pretty well. Closer to home the challenge of pruning the enormous ficus hedge has also become much easier as I can now pirouette on top of the ladder with hedge-trimmer in hand and still manage to breathe … Pure Moves gardening.

  • Is there anything else that you do daily to stay so fit and youthful?

Enthusiasm or youthfulness starts in the head and is influenced by the company you keep. I like hanging out with energetic individuals (young and old) who enjoy a similar level of adventurous restlessness. There is always so much to do, so much to see and so much to experience. Diet wise I eat all food groups in moderation, including plenty of fruit, salads, salmon, avocado etc and enjoy all wine varietals plus chocolate and coffee. I travel extensively and enjoy eating and drinking the local produce.

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