Baby its cold outside! Need help staying motivated through these chilly months?

Let’s face it, slipping into your workout gear to head out for some exercise during winter doesn’t come without a struggle. Cold, wet and dark days don’t make for a winning formula when it comes to staying motivated throughout winter and a warm bed or cozy nights on the couch sound like much better options. Although if you’re anything like us, as soon as the mercury starts to rise, it’s panic stations all round as we scramble to fit in every workout possible to get beach ready for the impending summer. Sound familiar? Yep, we thought so!

Marta Winter Exercise

In case you needed any more convincing, we’ve rounded up 5 great reasons why you should be working up a sweat during winter:

  1. You’ll burn more calories
    As the body works to regulate its core temperature, you’ll burn more calories during your winter workout than you normally would. Bonus!
  2. You’ll feel happier and more energized
    There’s no denying that euphoric feeling after a good workout so what better way to beat the winter blues than with a great workout? A hit of fresh, chilly air on your face is stimulating too – encouraging you to move faster and make the most of your exercise time.
  3. You’ll ward off any nasty cold and flu bugs
    A strong body is a healthy body so keep your immune system boosted and fighting fit with regular cardio sessions. If you do manage to catch a cold, your recovery time will be much quicker with a healthy system too!
  4. You’ll make better food choices
    When you’re making positive choices to move every day, you’ll feel more inclined to nourish your body with nutritious, whole foods that make you feel good.
  5. You’ll thank yourself when summer rolls around
    Slipping into your bikini come summertime won’t be as daunting if you’ve kept up good habits all year!

The Pure Moves studio is cosy and warm, the perfect place to get warm and sweaty while sculpting your beach body. Our timetable offers a great selection of higher intensity classes which are great options to get the heart rate up and calories burning.

Marta Snow Winter Pilates

Our instructor Marta taking winter exercise to the extreme! Pilates in the snow…

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