Barre P.H.I.T – introducing a new way to feel the burn!

Pure PHIT - Resistance Tubes at the Barre

This month, Pure Moves launched an exciting new class for regular members and newbies alike. Barre P.H.I.T (pronounced, fit) stands for Pilates High Intensity Training and is barre reimagined. Designed to upgrade Pure Moves’ existing offering, it builds on thousands of hours of experience teaching barre and learning what works for client’s bodies. Offered daily and exclusively to Pure Moves, this new offering targets arms, abs, legs and butt giving you a chiseled body, pronto. (Watch the video below)

Think your favourite moves at the barre combined with traditional Pilates (and some amazing new props) plus the best beats in town. Sounds like a pretty good time right?

But don’t just take it from us. We put one of our members, Lucy, through her paces to see what she thought of our new class. Here’s what she had to say…

I must admit I am a little unsure as I arrive for my first class. I’ve been attending barre classes for years, and absolutely love the all over body cardio and toning workout. But I’m here to tell you that this class takes it to a whole new level and I am totally converted!

Pure PHIT - Back to Barre

A little bit of background on the philosophy…

Completely exclusive to Pure Moves (and designed by the PM team themselves) Barre P.H.I.T combines both barre and traditional Pilates moves to sculpt, lengthen and tone the whole body. The main difference between barre and Barre P.H.I.T is that it’s less of a dance class and more of a high intensity workout using the barre and supporting props. But barre lovers don’t despair, they’ve kept everything you love about your old class!

Pure PHIT Props

The first thing I notice as I arrive for class is all the new props. The classes involve small props and weights including sliders, resistance tubes, hand and ankle weights to get muscles firing and deliver a serious burn. Class starts with an energetic cardio warm up, followed by a few series at the barre designed to work legs, back and upper body. Then we hit the mat for a more traditional Pilates flow to really work the core stabilisers. Finally, we cool down with a dynamic (and much needed) stretch session.

Pure PHITI walk out of the class covered in sweat and my muscles are shaking but I’ve got the biggest smile on my dial. This is one of the best workouts I’ve ever done and although I’m exhausted, I am buzzing off the amazing sense of energy in the room from the instructor, other class members and the awesome playlist that goes with it.

Barre and Pilates lovers beware, you’ll be hooked. It’s time to get P.H.I.T!

Try it for yourself on our 10 Days Unlimited Classes Intro Offer for just $59!