Why You Should Be Investing In Good Activewear

So, you’re a regular at Lululemon. You’ve got Stylerunner saved in your bookmarks. And you’re pretty much a walking talking advertisement for Nike. But apart from the major street cred you’re gaining from rocking the latest sport luxe threads at the gym, do you actually know about the benefits of good quality activewear?

Activewear technology has come a long way when it comes to anti wicking, cool dry fabrics and antibacterial control but the benefits go way beyond the technical. We believe that good quality, lasting activewear is an investment, one that will not only improve your performance but also your attitude to exercise. So in case you needed any more excuses to whip out your credit card, we’ve put a little list together to justify your next purchase.

1. It lasts longer

Yoga pants and cute tanks have become the unofficial brunch uniform, so whether or not you’re working out in them or just  sitting pretty with your girlfriends, you want them to last long enough. Good quality activewear is made from the best quality fabric that will withstand regular washes.


Wear it all weekend long..

2. It boosts performance
Modern activewear is made with technical fabric that helps to regulate body temperature and is quick drying, so you can put in maximum effort and sweat up a storm, no worries!

 3. It fits well
Different body shapes and exercises require different active gear. Activewear is made with particular exercises in mind, so it’s important to be fitted correctly, especially when it comes to sneakers and sports bras. Luckily, good quality activewear brands pride themselves on gear that is made with just the right amount of stretch and support so you’re sure find the best products for your body.

Contrology active wear We’re loving Contrology Active’s form flattering cuts

4. It prevents injuries

Don’t risk aches and pains with cheap imitations. The right gear for your activity will save you in the long run and you’ll also be able to enjoy your workout without pesky baggy t-shirts getting in the way of your reformer moves!

5. You look great.

If a hot pair of luxe leggings and cute tank is what it takes to get you into the studio, then do it! Sometimes we all need a little motivation and looking good generally means you’ll feel great too and can start working towards your health goals one Nike soled foot at a time.

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Written by our very talented member Lucy Searle. Lucy is a beauty and lifestyle writer with a background in marketing and public relations. When she’s not writing you can probably find her doing pilates at Pure Moves. Read more of her stories at www.lucysays.com.au all images via @stylerunner

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