Our Tips to Help you Master the Morning Workout

Master the Morning Workout

Whether you’re a morning person or not, there are so many benefits to exercising first thing in the morning. From fat burning to mood boosters, a morning workout really sets you up for the day. But as the days get colder and darker, we know it’s all too easy to hit snooze and linger just a little longer in bed in the morning. We’ve put together a list of our top tips to help you get going…

Book it in
Set aside some time each weekend to plan your workouts for the week ahead. If it’s booked in and paid for, you’re already committed and less likely to bail. The Pure Moves app makes booking classes a breeze, we’ll even add them to your calendar for you!

Get organised
Make early mornings easier by preparing everything you need the night before. The last thing you want to be doing at 5am is making lunch and scrambling around for that other sock! Prep breakfast (overnight oats or bircher muesli are great grab n’ go options or grab a breakfast pot from our friends at Inner Ego), lunch for work and lay out your exercise clothes. So, when that alarm goes, all you need to do is get dressed and go!

Hit the hay
This one speaks for itself, but if you manage a good night of sleep, you’re going to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world, including your morning exercise class! So turn Netflix off and jump into bed early.

Pair up
Working out with a friend has so many benefits (a guaranteed boxing partner and brunch buddy to name a few) but one of the best is that you hold each other accountable for turning up to that morning workout. It’s pretty hard to hit snooze on a friend who’ll be waiting on a cold, dark morning for you.

Do what you love
Nothing will set you up for failure more than the thought of going to a class you hate. Boxilates not your thing? Book in for something that suits your goals, fitness levels and interests and you’re much more likely to want to go, plus you’ll enjoy it so much more. Our timetable offers a huge variety of classes that you can’t go wrong really! Have you tried our newest addition, Pure PHIT yet?

Treat yo self!
Food should never be used as a reward (you are not a dog) but the thought of a delicious smoothie or hot coffee after you’ve worked out will sweeten the deal of rising before the sun. If you’ve got time after your morning workout, book in for healthy brunch with a friend (the one you just worked out with!) and enjoy every last bite! Our buddies down at Nature’s Harvest definitely deliver the healthy brunch goods!

Don’t sweat the slip ups
Even the most dedicated fitness addicts hit the snooze button or cancel morning classes now and then – it’s ok! The most important thing to remember is that you haven’t failed, there is always tomorrow. And you should always listen to your body, if you’re particularly tired or worn out, maybe a little sleep in is just what you need and we give you permission to miss your morning workout just this one time. Plus, we have lots of afternoon and evening classes on offer. Take a look at our timetable to see when you can squeeze that make up class in…