Faith has a huge passion for health and wellness, which has continuously grown since attending her fathers’ yoga classes as a child. She began practicing Pilates in London (2003) and instantly fell in love with how it cultivates such grounded strength, body awareness and improves posture. Regular practice has also helped cure her sciatica, lower back pain and a slipped disc injury.

faith4She completed her Pilates reformer and mat training in Sydney (2011) and has a Masters in Health Communication (2011). Faith also completed her Vinyasa yoga teacher training and Barre teacher training in 2013. Faith has taught Pilates, Yoga and Barre in Sydney for over 5 years and continues to find great joy in seeing the transformation in her clients’ bodies and spirits as a product of their regular practice. She delivers a dynamic, challenging, all over body and mind experience in her classes.

Pilates Instructor Faith on ReformerOutside the studio Faith loves spending time in nature or at the beach, eating out, reading/ watching action, adventure, fantasy novels/ flicks. She is currently expanding her love for teaching and completing a Masters for Teaching in English (Secondary).

Meet Faith on Tuesdays at 6am for Open Reformer & Fridays at 8:30am for Pure PHIT