Meet PHIT, The Workout That Is Changing Bodies In Perth

Since we launched The PHIT Method at Pure Moves and online, we have been absolutely blown away with how our beautiful community have embraced this new way of movement. Not only is it transforming the way our clients approach exercise, but we’ve seen some phenomenal physical results.

New mum and PHIT devotee, Erin, started at Pure Moves with two main fitness goals: to lose weight and tone up. She also wanted to strengthen her back and core after having worked on her feet in the hairdressing industry for twenty years, constant neck and back pain were high on the agenda. 

See what Erin had to say about Pilates and The PHIT Method and how having access to classes online helped her reach her goals…

What changes have you noticed in your body since starting Pilates and PHIT?

I have lost almost 10kgs, toned up so much and have less neck and back pain! My core was almost non existent when I started at Pure Moves. I have noticed a big difference in the strength in my abdominal area.

I’ve learnt how to “switch it on”, so when I am lifting the kids or doing a 12 hour day at work, my back feels supported. Pilates and The PHIT Method have really helped me feel stronger not only when I’m at the studio doing classes, but also in my everyday life.

What are the benefits to having access to an online program like The PHIT Method?

Before I had children sticking to a fitness routine was relatively easy. I could get to a gym or studio easily and do a class before work. 

I have always needed to be structured with my fitness routine but after having children, structure was hard! This wreaked havoc with my long term fitness goals so I was thrilled to find something that worked around my schedule and life. 

Workout at Home - The PHIT Method

I could do a PHIT class online at home while the kids were sleeping so I could keep on track with my goals. I also loved the familiar faces and support online when I couldn’t make it into the studio. 

What is your favourite Pure Moves class style?

I really enjoy all of the classes on offer at Pure Moves. I’ve tried pretty much all of them and I love to mix it up. Currently my schedule allows me to get to Circuit PHIT, Barre PHIT, Pilates Mat, TRX and Power Plate.

Although you could say I am a bit of a Power PHIT addict. Recently on a trip to Dubai I was able to do the work out from memory because I had done this class so much at home using the online program! 

Looking to lose weight and tone up like Erin? Get started at Pure Moves with one of our great value intro offers. Combine this with our online classes via The PHIT Method to get results, fast!

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