Why You Need to do Pilates with Your Mum

In honour of Mothers Day and celebrating the special women in our lives, we interview Carly and her mum Linda – two of our favourite regular members who tell us why they love doing pilates together.

You are both regular members at our studio, who can take the credit for introducing the other to this beautiful space?
Carly: I think I introduced mum, I started doing Xtend Barre and said how good it was and that she had to come!
LindaIt was Carly who encouraged me to join her for Xtend Barre. From there I was hooked.
What do you like about doing pilates together? 
Carly: I like that we can fend off each other, and try to out do one another! And also have a laugh if it is a difficult exercise or if we do something wrong..
Linda: Seeing as Carly has long moved out of home, it is a great way to catch up and do something healthy at the same time. On Saturdays we have coffee after class with husbands and grandchild, a great way to start the weekend.Linda, Carly and Louis                                                             Carly, Linda and Carly’s adorable bub Louis 
Why do you think it is important for women of all ages to take the time for themselves to workout? 
Carly: I think it is good for your mind to take time out of yourbusy day to focus on yourself and forget about everything else that is happening outside. And it makes you feel good!
Linda: With our busy lives, work, children, family, it is easy put yourself  last. Exercise is very important mentally and physically at all ages, especially after childbirth and through menopause. The social aspect of group exercise is also important to stay connected and involved.
Other than pilates at Pure Moves, what are your favourite mother/daughter activities? 
Carly: Going out for coffee (although now a little person also comes) and of course, shopping!
Linda: Holidays, shopping, coffee dates and most importantly, grandchild time.


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