Mothers Day Client Spotlight

In honour of Mothers Day and celebrating the special women in our lives, we interviewed a few Mother Daughter duos who we see at the studio on the regular.

Halina & Isabella:dsc_1849

You are both regulars at our studio, who can take the credit for introducing the other to Pure Moves?

Isabella: My mum! She asked me to come forever and eventually one day I decided I would join her and I have loved it ever since! 

How long have you been coming to Pure Moves?

Halina: Over 6 years!

Isabella: I have been coming for about 3 years! Mum a bit longer!

What is your favourite class at the studio?

Halina: We both adore the Reformer class

Isabella: We both love Open Reformer the best. I also like Power Plates!

What do you like about doing pilates together? 

Halina: Coming to Pure Moves together ensures that we are moving towards achieving strength and agility and have time to catch-up after class.

Isabella: It is a really nice way to lock in some time with each other each week! We meet at pilates and then always go for a coffee and sometimes breakfast after! Definitely a nice way to make sure we get some momma-daughter time especially when we are both so busy! 

Other than pilates at Pure Moves, what are your favourite mother/daughter activities? 

Halina: Coffees, breakfasts, lunches and a bit of shopping !!

Isabella: We both love reading so we take turns choose books to make our own little book club!! We also love going out for tapas and wine! 

Roma & SophiaRoma & Sophia:

How long have you been attending classes at Pure Moves?

Roma: I’ve been attending for a long time! Since Jo used to take most of the classes and Laura was pregnant.

Sophia: I’ve been attending classes for about a year.

What is your favourite class?

Roma: I’m a fan of doing a mix of classes – Mat, Reformer & Pure PHIT. Next one to try out is Power PHIT!

Sophia: I’m loving the new Pure PHIT class (watch the video), but Mat classes are always a classic.

What benefits have you seen from attending classes at Pure Moves?

Roma: No more headaches and shoulder pain, and a much better posture! Doing a mix of classes gives me a great balance of stretching, strengthening, toning and fitness. It’s lovely for the body and the soul.

Sophia: My core strength has gone from zero to average!! My posture is better, which helps relieve my neck tension.

Do you have any special Mothers Day plans?

Sophia: …it’s a suprise!

Roma: …I’m looking forward to the surprise.

Other than pilates at Pure Moves, what are your favourite mother/daughter activities? 

Roma: A quick walk to the beach for a swim and taking the stand up paddle board down to the river.

Sophia: Stand up paddle boarding at the river with Mum (and the dog). Also good for my core strength…


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