Getting Back on the Horse: Our Top Tips for Exercising after a Break

When it comes to exercising and routine, it is totally normal to have a little hiatus every now and then. Between illness, injury, life in general or perhaps the crazy year we have all just had, there is no shame in getting out of routine occasionally. But if you’re ready to commit to moving your body more and getting back into a regular workout schedule, we’ve got your back! Read on for our top tips to safely getting back into exercising after a break.

Go gently
The most important thing to remember when recommencing or starting a new workout regime is to ease back into it. Booking in for classes 7 days a week is a recipe for disaster if you’ve been out of routine for a while. You’ll not only fatigue very quickly, but you’ll run the risk of injury and illness if your body isn’t ready for it. Start with 3 classes a week, combined with regular stretching sessions to see how you feel, then build from there.

Be patient with yourself, your fitness and energy levels as well. You may not be as fit, flexible or strong as you were but it will come back – we promise!

Do what you love
Nothing will snap you out of a fitness rut more than looking forward to exercise, and nothing will uninspire you quite as much as a class you don’t enjoy. Find out what suits your body and do that! You may be a Reformer addict, TRX crazy or love a good Circuit PHIT sesh…whatever floats your boat, we’ve got all bases covered at Pure Moves!

Circuit PHIT Class at Pure Moves Cottesloe

Align with nutrition

Balancing your favourite regular classes with nourishing whole foods will not only help you see results faster but assist with immunity, energy levels, sleep and muscle recovery. Ensuring you are consuming adequate nutrients in the form of complex carbohydrates, protein, fibre and healthy fats will hold you in good stead as you embark on your exercise journey. Check out our resident Nutritionist Kelley’s Instagram for lots of amazing tips and tricks!

Up your activewear game

How much more inspired do you feel with a few new pieces of activewear? Treat yourself to some new leggings, crops and tanks to power through your next Pure Moves session with. There are some amazing brands, colours and styles to snap up at the moment so make your next move a stylish one with some Nimble Activewear, PE Nation or good old Lululemon!

Rest and recover

Never underestimate the importance of rest and recovery! Whether thats opting for a few days of active rest in the form of a walk or gentle bike ride or simply rolling over for a sleep in on Sundays, rest is just as important as being active. This is the important part where your muscles recover, as it gives time for your muscles to replenish energy stores before your next workout.

Try these stretches on your next rest day, they require no equipment and are simple enough to do in front of your fave Netflix show!

Ready to get back into it? Click here to view our schedule or email to chat to us about getting back into your Pure Moves groove. We can’t wait to see you in the studio soon!