5 Reasons Why Men Should Do More Pilates

Real men do Pilates. 5 reasons why men should do more Pilates

For a long time, women have dominated the Pilates arena. With so many classes dedicated to chiseling and sculpting different parts of the body, it’s no wonder we’ve been singing its praises for so long. And while you might find a higher percentage of women at your local Pilates studio on a Saturday morning, this form of exercise actually holds plenty of benefits for men who rise to the challenge.

That’s right fellas, Pilates is no walk in the park.joseph-pilates

In fact, the creator of Pilates was a male German fitness instructor, boxer and self-defence coach named Joseph Pilates. He believed exercises should provide a rounded and balanced effect on the body and so developed what we practice today. Our bodies are prone to so many daily stresses and injuries that it’s important to complement other training or sports with slow, controlled exercises through Pilates. The list of benefits Pilates has on the mind and body is endless including increased flexibility, improved posture and core strength to name a few.

Still not convinced? We’ve rounded up five of the best reasons why men should be grabbing their spot on the reformer or hitting the Pilates mat.

1. Improve your flexibility

The main focus in Pilates is to lengthen and stretch major muscle groups. By stretching the body properly, through Pilates, you can help prevent injuries and muscle strains as well as increasing range of motion. For those of you who sit at a desk all day, stretching out tight hip flexors and glutes can be a savior at the end of a long day too.

2. Fine tune performance

Weight training and gym training can often lead to muscle imbalances which Pilates can help resolve. Similarly, if you engage in a high performance sport such as running or cycling then Pilates is the perfect addition to your training schedule. As a competitive athlete you may have great cardio fitness, but little to no core strength at all. Pilates will help you develop important muscles which will protect you from injury, help with recovery after a race and improve performance overall.

Robert Running

Our member Robert (right) calls pilates his “secret weapon” when training for ultramarations

3. Correct your Posture

Pilates is all about moving efficiently and one of the first things you’ll learn to do when starting Pilates is how to hold yourself properly. Once you correct your alignment and breathing, everything else falls perfectly into place – and not just for your Pilates practice. Moving through life becomes a breeze and I guarantee you’ll find yourself sitting and standing up straight without even realizing it.

Real Men do Pilates Reformer

Mobilising and strengthening the upper back on the reformer 

4. Improve Mindfulness

There is no slacking off here, Pilates forces you to play close attention to your breath while working through each and every movement to ensure proper form. A Pilates session is a great opportunity to zone out completely and concentrate on the task at hand – allowing for an effective workout and the chance to practice some mindfulness. Even if it’s just one or two hours per week, the benefits of mindfulness on the mind and body are huge.

5. Injury Rehabilitation  

When you’re injured, it can be mighty frustrating when your body won’t let you get back to your normal exercise routine. But while you may not be able to hit the gym or a sprint session straight after an injury, you can make some big steps towards recovery with regular Pilates sessions. Our qualified instructors can tailor a program for you to help target areas that need to be gently strengthened, helping you fully recover safely and quickly. We also have a new in-house physiotherapist who works closely with our instructors who can guide you towards optimal function.

At Pure Moves we offer a range of different classes at all times of the day, so whether you’re an early riser or prefer an evening session – we’ve got you covered. All our classes are tailored for both men and women, everyone is welcome in the studio! If you’re new to Pilates, why not start out with our introductory Total Pilates Pack ($149) which includes a private session with one of our instructors and any four classes across the timetable. Phone to book on 6161 7591.

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Lucy is a beauty and lifestyle writer with a background in marketing and public relations. When she’s not writing you can probably find her doing pilates at Pure Moves. Read more of her stories at www.lucysays.com.au