Power Plates and Why You Need to Add it to Your Routine

When it comes to any fitness journey, variety is always key. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or feel more energised, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll plateau or start to get bored if you’re doing the same thing every day. At Pure Moves, we like to keep things fresh with a mix of classes that keep the body (and mind) on its toes.

One of our favourites (and probably the unsung hero of the studio) is Power Plates. Power Plates is a vibration training workout that has revolutionised the health and fitness industry. If you’ve been looking for something new to add to your workout routine, then Power Plates could be just the thing. Here are just some of the reasons we love it so much…

Short and sweet
A typical Power Plate class at Pure Moves is 30 minutes. So perfect for those who are time poor and want to pack in a short but effective workout. During a session, you’ll perform various exercises (such as planks, lunges, squats and push-ups) creating instability in the body. This is where the real workout comes in as the body is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions, 35-50 times per second. A 30-minute Power Plates session is just as effective as a 60-90 minute session at the gym, can’t argue with that!

It’s an all over body workout like no other
During Power Plates, you will stimulate muscle groups that don’t typically get worked in other types of exercise. In addition to this, a Power Plates workout benefits the whole body by promoting weight loss through fat burning and increased metabolism, breaking down fat cells (see ya cellulite!), promoting muscle tone, improves overall body strength and stamina and increasing bone density.

It’s easy (ish)

Power Plates is suitable for participants of all ages and fitness levels and doesn’t involve any fancy footwork. Traditional exercises that you know and love such as lunges, push ups, planks and sit ups are done on a vibrating platform. So there are no new moves to learn, just lots of strength involved!

Smaller class sizes

Our 30-minute Power Plates classes are run in small group sessions. This means you’ll get plenty of opportunity for correction and assistance from your instructor if you need it. Learning to use the Power Plates machine takes some getting used to at first (the vibration can feel a bit strange!) but we’re here to help. Small class sizes are ideal because there’s no chance you’ll get lost in the crowd and can really get the most out of your workout.

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