Pregnancy & Postnatal Pilates at Pure Moves

Angela Tsun on Pilates for Pregnancy

Congratulations! We are so excited to be working with you throughout your pregnancy and postnatal Pilates journey and thank you for entrusting Pure Moves during this special time.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us and as such, we require you to undertake at least one private session prior to continuing group classes. and then 1 each trimester after that so that we can assess your body, suggest appropriate classes and teach you specialised pregnancy modifications.

We have created special pricing options to take you on your pregnancy & postnatal Pilates journey at Pure Moves.

Pregnancy Private Special – 3 x 45 minute private sessions for $199

Pre/Postnatal Package – 1 x 45 minute private session + 10 x classes for $299

A few things to consider:
– If you are brand new to Pure Moves, please wait until you reach 12 weeks before commencing any new forms of exercise and get the okay from your medical professional in writing.
– We recommend sticking to the same instructor where possible throughout so they can keep track of your progress through your journey
– We only allow pregnant clients to attend selected Reformer and Barre PHIT classes. (Barre PHIT only if you have been attending prior to falling pregnant). Unfortunately, our other class styles are not suitable.

So what next? Take these steps to start your Pilates pregnancy at Pure Moves.

1: You’re pregnant! (1st Trimester)

You’re pregnant, yay! Please let us know as soon as possible and of course, we will keep it confidential until you wish for it to be common knowledge.

We will require you to complete our Pregnancy Waiver and to book in your first trimester Pregnancy Private session before you reach 12 weeks. This will set you up with the modifications and knowledge required to rejoin the group classes suggested to you by your instructor.

2: 16 week mark (2nd Trimester)

Book your second trimester Pregnancy Private session at approximately 16 – 18 weeks. As your body continues to change we can give you any additional modifications required and keep an eye on how your body is progressing. Your instructor will give you a class plan to move through if you are still attending group reformer classes and will go over it with you during this session.

3: 26 week mark (3rd Trimester)

Book your third trimester Pregnancy Private session at 26 – 28 weeks. You will receive a new class plan to work through in reformer classes if you are still attending. At this stage we recommend you attend only our Basic Reformer (Fridays 10:30am & Saturdays 9:30am) class up until 38 weeks.

4: Hello baby!

Welcome your new family member! Enjoy this special time and be sure to take advantage of your one on one time with bub.

If you are a Pure Moves member, we can place your membership on hold at no charge for you over this period.

5: 6 weeks postnatal

Your 6 week doctors check up. If you get the all clear, we recommend you book in to see a Pelvic Health Specialist before returning to exercise.
Don’t rush your body, it has just gone through a huge change and will need plenty of time to recover just like it would from an injury or surgery.

6: 10 – 12 weeks postnatal

Ready to come back? We advise a minimum of 10 weeks postpartum for natural deliveries and 12 weeks for C-sections. You will need to book in for you Post Natal Private session so we can check in how your body is healing. Your instructor will then advise what you may need to focus on in classes.

We recommend sticking to Basic Reformer for at least the first few weeks. This is to ensure your muscles are recruiting and recovering properly. You also need to make sure you’re being kind to yourself with the change of lifestyle, priorities and lack of sleep! Take it easy to start with ๐Ÿ™‚