Total Pilates Pack

Get started with 1 private & any 4 classes ***Most recommended for new clients***

$149 use within 1 month
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Try All Classes

Intro offer: 10 days consecutive unlimited all classes! *Please note that at least 1 private is required if you have never attended group reformer before

$59 Full-time students just $49
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Memberships - Best Value!

Premium Unlimited Membership (6 months) - Attend all classes. Max 1 x reformer/ day.$69/weekSign up
Floor Unlimited Membership (6 months) - Attend all classes except reformer. $55/weekSign up
Core Unlimited Membership (6 months) - Unlimited Pilates Mat & Reset & Realign only$45/wkSign up
2 x Any Class Membership (6 months) - Attend any 2 classes on the schedule each week$45/wkSign up
1 x Any Class Membership (6 months) - Attend any 1 classes on the schedule each week$23/wkSign up
Auto-Renew 10 Any Class Pack - A new pack is processed automatically when sessions run out or expire (whichever comes first)$250Sign up
Memberships are for a minimum of 6 months but can be put on hold as often as you like for a $5/ week fee. Memberships are set up on a fortnightly direct debit and automatically renew after the initial period.
Auto-renew pack is for a minimum of 2 packs and then cancel at any time in writing by email to info@puremoves.com.au before the current pack runs out or expires.

Casual Options

Casual Any Class$30
10 Any Class Pass$280
Student prices available - 10% off all class packages upon presentation of full time student card. Contact us for more info

Privates and Semi-Privates

Casual Private Pilates Session$100
10 Private Pilates$900
Casual Studio Semi-Private$60
10 Class Pass Studio Semi-Privates$490

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