Things You Can Do Instead of Scrolling Social Media

Scrolling Social Media

We love social media. It has the power to connect the world, spread the word and provide a much-needed dose of inspiration.

But sometimes we all need a little break from the screen. Hands up if you find yourself getting lost in the ‘gram and suddenly realising you’ve wasted hours scrolling social media?

Yep, us too.

To help combat our social media addictions, we’ve put together a list of things you can do instead of mindlessly scrolling. Keep the list handy the next time you feel the urge to reach for the phone and see how many you can check off in a week.

  1. Cook. Pull out some of those cookbooks that are collecting dust and get busy in the kitchen. Peruse some healthy menu ideas and meal prep for the week ahead or bake some treats as a gift for someone special.
  2. Get moving. Instead of looking at other people’s gym selfies on social media, come into Pure Moves for your own workout. Or call a friend and head to the beach for a walk. Jump on your bike, bush walk in the hills or grab a paddle board. There are so many fun (and free) ways to move your body and clear your mind.
  3. Call someone. Ok, so this one requires your phone, but there’s nothing better than a long phone call with a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in ages.
  4. Read. One of the things we don’t make enough time for is taking time to read. Whether it’s a book you’ve had sitting next to your bed for months or the latest issue of Women’s Health, give yourself permission to get lost in it. Make a cup of tea, sit in the sunshine and lap up some glorious “me time”
  5. Give back. Find some ways you can volunteer your time to help others in your local community. Spending some time each week giving back to those less fortunate or assisting at an animal shelter helps to broaden the mind beyond our own (and often small) world. Time poor? Collect some items to donate to shelters and charities.
  6. Spring clean. It’s a great time of the year to start cleaning out your wardrobe and house cupboards in time for spring. Pack up anything that you no longer use to donate to charity or sell online.
  7. Get thinking. Get the grey matter working with a crossword or number puzzle.
  8. Plan your next holiday. We can’t think of a better way to kill a few hours to be honest. What’s more enjoyable than researching villas in Tuscany or a dreamy island paradise? Absolutely nothing.

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