Why You Need To Do Semi-Private Pilates


Did you know that in addition to our regular group classes we also offer small group “semi-private” sessions with a maximum of 4 clients? Semi-privates are a fantastic way to address specific issues you may have and to get some specialised attention. Utilising the full range of the studio equipment – including cadillac, chair, ladder barrel and reformer, there is plenty of variety and new exercises to keep you on your toes!

This month we chat with our superstar client Rosemary about her semi-pilates sessions at Pure Moves:

What prompted you to initially start doing pilates?

Around the time I stopped work, a friend mentioned that she was going to start pilates classes. I knew that I had some postural issues from working at a desk for many years and it sounded like pilates might help fix them. The time was available so I started classes, enjoyed them and noticed an improvement in my flexibility and core strength.

You’ve been attending regular reformer classes for a long time now, why did you decide to also incorporate Studio Semi Private sessions into your weekly regime?

I started Pure Moves reformer classes a couple of years ago. Earlier this year, I wanted  a bit of variety so I experimented with Xtend barre, TRX and yoga. But I knew I really needed to concentrate on my upper back. I’d had a chat to one of your instructors Kylie about it at the end of one of her Friday reformer classes and she said that with the right exercises and perseverance it was definitely possible to make a lasting improvement. Coincidentally, and fortunately for me, that was when Pure Moves started the semi private studio classes so I booked 10 sessions with Laura and set her the task of improving my posture particularly the rounding of my shoulders and upper back.

What is your favourite exercise on the studio equipment and why?

Cadillac Pilates Exercise Laura makes all forms of torture fun! I love the range of exercises she gives me on the different equipment while always ensuring that each session has some emphasis on the shoulders. At present, I’m enjoying the challenge of hanging from the top bar of the Cadillac  to perform a range of manoeuvres. It appeals to my competitive streak because I like to see each week  if I have been able to increase the number of repetitions I can do properly without a break. It’s like being a kid on the monkey bars again! The exercise has certainly contributed to improving my upper body strength and challenges me to keep my shoulders in the proper position. 

You seem to really be enjoying the sessions! We love seeing you bounce in here ready to go. What would you say the difference is between a semi private and a group class?

 Being able to concentrate on your individual weaknesses, being closely supervised and receiving constant feedback. Using the different pilates equipment (chair, barrel and cadillac) is also great because an exercise on the reformer can be quite different when executed on a different piece of equipment. Last week Laura got me to do the usual reformer foot exercises on the chair. She split the pedal on the chair so that each leg had to work independently – it was interesting to see how difficult it could be to keep the feet and legs working in unison. I’ve also appreciated the fact that Laura has suggested some exercises I can do at home to help with rehabilitating my shoulders and reminded me of some great stretches to do with a bolster.

Would you say that those semi private sessions have helped you get more out of your group classes?

Definitely – first, I am far more aware of what I need to do to perform an exercise correctly because of my own specific weaknesses. For example, if we are doing certain arm exercises I know to modify the exercise so that I don’t raise my arms as high because if I do, according to Laura  my shoulders do “funky things”. Secondly, because Laura is also aware of those “funky” moves she is very quick to spot them and correct me in the group class. Hopefully this means that my overall technique is better than it was.

Semi-private pilatesWhat changes have you noticed in your body as a result of your semi private sessions? 

A real improvement in my posture and also a greater awareness of how I am standing or sitting during the day – for example, in the car or when working at the computer. Laura’s exercise programs, which she prepares for each of my sessions, have also improved my core and upper body strength, something I certainly notice when working in the garden spreading bags of manure or hiking with a day pack carrying a few litres of water!

Finally, what is your advice for anyone who is tempted to try a private or semi private?

 I’d try private or semi private sessions if you want to focus on a particular weakness, check that you are performing exercises correctly or try something different to give your body a new challenge. If you are aiming to correct something like a postural issue, don’t expect it to happen overnight and don’t be surprised if you get hooked – studio sessions are a heap of fun.

Semi-privates are held regularly on Fridays at 8.30am with Laura. A casual visit is $60, pack of 5 $275 ($55/class), pack of 10 $490 ($49/class). Alternatively, organise your own time with another friend. 


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