WARNING – Possible Side Effects of Pilates!

So, you’ve heard the hype and you think you’re ready to take the plunge into Pilates. But before you start, there are some things you should know. Pilates isn’t all rainbows and lollipops. It takes hard work and determination, plus there are some pretty full on side effects of Pilates to look out for.

Before you sign up, make sure you know what you’re getting into. You’ve been warned…

Melissa is clearly suffering from addictive tendencies has just done her 5th class for the day as a side effect of Pilates

Melissa is clearly suffering from addictive tendencies & has just done her 3rd class for the day.

Addictive tendencies
After one or two classes you’ll be hooked and noticing new behaviours such as:

  • Prioritising Pilates over other commitments
  • Waking up earlier than normal to get to a morning class before work
  • Telling all your friends about this amazing new workout
  • Never wanting to leave the beautiful boutique studio space and doing multiple classes a day. (We recommend our Unlimited Floor membership for those suffering from this particular side effect).

Growing taller
The nature of the Pilates method encourages an improved posture in the body, meaning you’ll notice yourself walking a little taller with every class. Every exercise in Pilates must be carried out with the perfect posture, so you’ll be experiencing a lengthened spine in no time. Classes are designed to balance out our increasingly sedentary lifestyles so you will find yourself sitting taller at your desk in no time.

Chronic indecision
Another possible side effect includes indecisive behaviours. You’ll want to have a taste of all the classes available at Pure Moves to keep your body guessing. With so much on offer every day, it will be so hard to choose. Just take a look out our extensive schedule and you’ll understand…

A long, lean muscles are a potential side effect of Pilates

Long & lean muscles are a potential side effect

New muscle tone
Abs you didn’t think existed will start making their presence known after just a few classes as Pilates is designed to help develop long, lean muscle tone. As a result of this you may experience: compliments from family and friends, increased energy levels and generally just feeling stronger and healthier.

Depleted bank account and a groaning wardrobe
Now this one is serious. You can’t do Pilates without the latest and greatest active wear! Apart from it’s technical advantages, it looks awesome and is great for motivation. You’ll also find that you’re practically living in cute tights and slogan tanks due to your high attendance rate at Pilates class. We’ve made this a bigger problem by offering an exclusive selection of our fav active wear brands for sale in the studio, so you can shop while you wait for class!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you… if you’re still feeling brave – sign up online today!