Spring Clean Your Skin: Essentials to Reset and Revive

As the mercury rises (finally!) and the thoughts of beach days loom closer, we’re sure you’ve started to sign up for a few extra classes here and there in anticipation of Summer. But if you’re keen to really take your Spring reboot up a notch, consider you might want to Spring clean your skin too.

As you may have experienced this winter, cold weather can wreak havoc on the skin, as it’s exposed to harsher temperature changes, meaning skin can appear a little dry and lacklustre. We spoke to our gorgeous neighbour, Dr Clara Hurst, owner of Blanc Skin about the importance of changing up your skincare as the seasons change.

Dr Clara Hurst

How does the weather affect our skin?

The temperature affects our skin more than we realise. For example during winter, many people experience dry, irritated skin as they’re exposed to cold winds, artificial heating and low humidity. Harsh temperatures like this can strip the skin’s natural protective barrier, allowing water to escape and irritants to get in.

In summer, we also notice dehydrated and dry skin due to the increased water loss in the body caused by hot temperatures. On the flip side though, summer heat also means more sweat, more oil and higher skin cell production too = hello acne and breakouts!

What changes should we be making to our skincare regimes as the weather heats up?

First and foremost, reassess your skincare products. The start of a new season is a great time to take stock of what you’re currently using and if it’s working for you. Your skin can get a bit complacent or used to products when used for a long period of time so it’s good to mix it up for best results.

Making switches from heavier, thick moisturisers and cream cleansers to lighter solutions is a great place to start, as well as investing in a good SPF that will see you through the season.

My team of dermal therapists at Blanc are available for consultations for those who are a little lost with where to start, we have a really great range of products for all skin types and concerns. The Secret Skincare is also a brilliant way to tackle any concerns that may have arisen during winter, our bespoke prescription formula is made specifically for each and every patient and is a proven, effective way to treat cosmetic conditions of all types.

Facial at Blanc Skin Perth

What treatments would you recommend for a little skin reset?

Corrective peels are a great option for resetting the skin. Not only are you giving the skin a really thorough, deep cleanse but our bespoke combination of high strength ingredients will help exfoliate and flush out any impurities, resulting in clear, glowing skin. We also offer a Blanc Bespoke Treatment which is perfect for those who aren’t quite sure what treatment to select, it allows for our dermal therapists to consult and perform the best treatment suited to the client.

In addition to this, I am a huge advocate for a balanced lifestyle for healthy, glowing skin. Plenty of water, healthy nourishing food, sleep, sugar and alcohol in moderation and lots of Pilates of course!

Could your skin do with a little TLC? Now is the perfect time to incorporate some skin-loving rituals into your routine as part of your Spring reset. Check out www.blancskin.com.au to get started! 

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