Staying Healthy During the Silly Season

The most wonderful time of the year is well and truly upon us. The mercury is rising, Christmas carols are on repeat and festive functions are in full swing. But for those who have worked hard all year on maintaining health and fitness goals, the never-ending stream of social events taking over the calendar can seem a bit daunting.

During the Christmas holiday period, we think it’s really important to keep up good habits to stay healthy. It is equally as important however to give yourself permission to unwind and relax with family and friends. After all, who could say no to a refreshing Aperol Spritz with girlfriends on a sunny Summer evening?

When it comes to Christmas, the most common problem is overconsumption of both food and alcohol. Once you’ve had a few treats or a few too many champagnes, it’s easy to throw in the towel and overindulge, meaning you’re less likely to show up for your Pilates class the next morning.

So, can you get into the Christmas spirit and avoid a total blowout? Definitely! It’s all about moderation and routine and we’ve put together a little guide on how to stay healthy during the silly season.

Christmas ExerciseStick to a routine

Plan out your week as normal, including your exercise regime. If you’re in your regular routine, you’ll be more motivated to stay fit and healthy. Quick tip: exercise in the morning. That way it’s done before the temperature soars and you’ll have the evening free for cocktails by the beach.


Watch your alcohol intakescreen-shot-2017-12-18-at-1-31-41-pm

Not to sound like your mother here, but a glass of water between champagnes will really make a difference the next morning. Alcohol is also loaded with sugar and empty calories so opt for drinks that are on the lighter side such as gin and soda.

Eat first

A healthy but light meal before you hit the office Christmas party will not only stop you snacking mindlessly on cocktail canapes but also curb fast food hunger cravings at 3am when you’re in the line for a cab home!

Eat mindfully

As you sit down for Christmas lunch with the fam, stop and take a moment between mouthfuls. Slow down to chew properly and really appreciate each bite. You’ll feel fuller quicker and actually eat less!

Don’t deprive yourself
Lastly but most importantly, enjoy the silly season. Moderation is key here, but if you want some plum pudding, have it and enjoy it. It is Christmas after all!

Written by our very talented member Lucy Searle. Lucy is a beauty and lifestyle writer with a background in marketing and public relations. When she’s not writing you can probably find her doing pilates at Pure Moves. Read more of her stories at www.lucysays.com.au


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