Staying Well this Winter

Winter Wellness Package

Winter is well and truly upon us which mean cosy nights on the couch, hearty nourishing meals and weekend sleep ins. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when our immune systems take a hit and we find ourselves bed bound with nasty winter bugs. To help keep you healthy and strong, we’ve put together our best tips to help you fight that flu in no time, or better yet, avoid getting it at all!

Boost your diet
Loading up on wholesome, nutritious foods will help keep the system healthy in case you come into contact with any nasty bugs. If you are struck down with a cold or flu, a healthy diet will also help speed up recovery time by delivering important vitamins and minerals to your system. Foods rich in vitamin C will help keep your immune system strong, include citrus fruits, capsicum, broccoli and kiwifruit in your diet.

Need some help? Have a chat to our resident nutritionist (& kickass Pilates intructor) Kelley at One Wellness.

Listen to your body
Nothing will prolong recovery from illness more than overdoing it. Pushing your body when your immune system is down will only cause exhaustion and make you susceptible to other bugs. We also suggest giving class a miss (just this one time) if you’re feeling under the weather. We like to keep the Pure Moves community as healthy as possible, including teachers and fellow clients. Germs linger in the air and on equipment, plus there’s a much better chance you’ll ace that PHIT workout when you’re feeling 100%!

Gentle walks in the winter sunshine and fresh air are a great alternative if you want to keep moving, just be sure to rug up!

Scrub up
Hand hygiene is number one when it comes to avoiding the spread of germs. Take extra time when washing your hands, do it as often as you can and use anti-bacterial hand wash and warm water to help kill any bacteria. It’s also a great idea to keep some hand sanitiser in your bag or car for mini hand washes when you’re out and about. Don’t forget to regularly clean the screen of your phone too – you’d be surprised (and probably grossed out) to learn how much bacteria is harboured there.

Stay hydrated
Plenty of fluids will help flush out toxins and revitalize the body when the immune system is compromised. In winter we spend a lot of time in heated environments and lose more fluid that we realise, so it’s important to sip water throughout the day, especially when you’re unwell. A comforting lemon and ginger tea is a great alternative to coffee when sickness hits, full of antioxidants and vitamins and will help keep you hydrated.

Practice mindfulness
A stressed and overloaded system will always crash first. Keep stress levels at bay with a daily meditation practice. Taking 5 minutes during the day to sit somewhere quiet without distractions and breathe deeply will provide some much-needed clarity and instill a sense of calmness. Mind still going a million miles an hour? Try journaling. Putting worries and thoughts down on paper will help get them off your mind and has actually been known to boost immunity!