Take 5 with Pure Moves Barre Addict (and new Mum), Emm!

It’s no secret that Pilates and Barre is great for your shape, posture and fitness. But when you’ve got a little bun in the oven it’s even more important to look after your body. A strong core and pelvic floor, improved balance and breath control are just some of the benefits of regular Pilates and are especially important during and post pregnancy. This month we meet avid Barre attendee, Emm who has just had a baby. Emm talks to us about how she kept up her classes throughout her pregnancy and the benefits she noticed during and after. Plus, we get to meet her gorgeous little bundle of joy! 


  1. Firstly, congratulations on your baby! Can you introduce us to the newest member of your family?
    This is Eddie, we think he’s an absolute darling!
  2. How did you find returning to exercise post-bub?
    I did Barre until I was 38 weeks pregnant. So returning after I had Eddie wasn’t too much of a shock to the system. The best thing about barre, which is unlike lots of other exercise classes, is other than a few minor tweaks you can do most of the class while you are pregnant and post-natal.
  3. What Barre exercises helped most during and after your pregnancy?
    Having a strong core definitely helps alleviate the pressure your belly puts on your back during pregnancy. After you have had the baby any exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor and upper body strength is important. So the tricep exercises and push-ups in Barre are perfect, and we all love the fold-over series!
  4. Did you incorporate any other exercise into your pregnancy regime?
    For me it was just barre, barre and more barre.
  5. What are your top tips for expectant mums who are keen to keep up their Barre (or Pilates!) addictions during pregnancy?
    The girls at Pure Moves are great at giving modifications during your classes. But if you are unsure of what you can do while you are pregnant you can see a women’s health physio that specialises in pregnancy and post-natal physiotherapy.

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