Tips For Managing Stress During the Christmas Season

Managing Stress during the Christmas Season

Guess what everyone, we made it! Well…almost. 2020 is coming to a close, with the silly season just around the corner. And while Christmas festivities are a time of joy, fun and plenty of Champagne, it is also a very busy time that can be quite overwhelming for some.

Don’t let the madness of the silly season get to you with our top tips for managing stress and staying calm and present during the busiest time of the year…

Keep your expectations realistic

Don’t aim for perfection this year, be grateful and proud of yourself for getting through a hugely challenging year. Whether it’s the perfect Christmas lunch, selection of presents or outfit for that Christmas party, stressing over the little things won’t be beneficial to your mindset. Let go of all that you can’t control and do the best you can, because really, we’re all in the same boat!

Managing Stress with Meditation

Take time out for yourself
Setting aside time each day or a couple of times a week to practice meditation, yoga or perhaps gratitude journaling is hugely beneficial to managing stress levels and promoting happy hormones. The end of the year is a great time for reflection on the past 12 months and the next year to come too. Practicing mindfulness and meditation, in whatever way works best for you, will help relax and calm your nervous system and allow you to be fully present in each and every moment the season has to offer.

Some of our favourite mindfulness apps are: Calm, Headspace and Smiling Mind and there are some great meditation and yoga practices on YouTube too!

Remember what’s important

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can certainly make do with less. During the Christmas period it’s easy to get caught up in the marketing madness of shopping and gift giving when, at the end of the day, isn’t family and health just as important. Embrace the joy of gift giving, but take time to remember what really matters.

Look after your health
Between all the parties and social engagements, make sure to fit in plenty of time for rest and wellbeing. Whether that’s ensuring a good nights rest, saying no when you need to, fitting in an extra classes at Pure Moves or simply focusing on healthy eating, keeping your wellbeing in tip top condition will prevent burnout, exhaustion and protect your immune system. No one wants the dreaded summer cold during party season!

We’d love to see you in the studio for all your favourite classes over the next few months so be sure to book in soon as the schedule is filling up and we don’t want you to miss out. Regular physical activity will keep your mind and body in check, not to mention the festive community spirit that our studio brings, so pop in and see us!

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