5 Reasons You Need To Try Pure Moves SWEAT Classes

Reformer Sweat Classes at Pure Moves

If you’ve been attending classes at Pure Moves for a while now, there is no doubt you’ll be in a pretty good groove and routine when it comes to your workout routine. But like they say, change is as good as a holiday, and we think the same can be said for exercise. Here at Pure Moves, we love keeping things fresh for our clients, which means we’re always dreaming up new ways to help keep you motivated and moving all year long.

Our new Mat and Reformer SWEAT classes take the sessions you know and love to a whole new level and will have you burning fat, creating long lean muscle and strengthening your core like never before!

From adding in different types of movement to challenging your body in a whole new way, there are so many things to love about our new SWEAT classes, here’s why…

You’ll see results quicker

Sticking to the same classes week in and week out can sometimes plateau your results, as your body becomes used to the workouts. By adding in new classes, especially ones that require you to work a little differently than you’re used to will kick start your muscles and bring on those results much faster.

Mat Sweat Classes at Pure Moves

It keeps you motivated

Anyone get a little bored of their workout routine sometimes? We hear you! Feeling unmotivated when it comes to exercise usually means you need to mix it up. Swap out your regular morning mat class for a Mat SWEAT and throw in an extra Reformer SWEAT to the mix and you’ll notice that you’ll be looking forward to class a lot more!

It will help prevent injury

As with all our classes, strengthening bodies is our number one goal, and that’s exactly what our new SWEAT classes do. Whether it’s a sensitive lower back or tight neck and shoulders, these classes are designed to work and strengthen all the right muscles and your core so you can protect all areas of your body and move through life pain free.

Your cardio fitness will improve
Our SWEAT classes are not only designed to make you sweat, but will get your heart pumping too. Great news for those who love the toning and sculpting aspect of Pilates but are keen to increase their cardiovascular fitness too. Apart from helping with weight management and overall fitness, good cardiovascular fitness contributes to a strong immune system, helps to regulate blood sugar and lowers blood pressure. Winning!

It’s fun
Trying something new is always good for a laugh, and the endorphins from your class combined with a little giggle as you get used to the new pace of SWEAT sounds like the perfect workout to us. Grab a girlfriend and book in together, just make sure you book a brekkie date afterwards – you’ve earned it!

Are you ready to get your SWEAT on? Join us for a class by visiting our timetable here: https://www.puremoves.com.au/timetable/

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