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We now offer a NEW Power Yoga class on a Tuesday morning at 8:30am. Immerse yourself into this dynamic and challenging flow. Using the physical practice and the breath as a tool to find quiet from the inner chatter and life’s distractions. You will sweat, find amazing strength and flexibility that you never know you had. This powerful practice will not only transform your body it will keep you calm, energised and connected.

Benefits of Yoga

Circulation – boosts circulation to often-neglected areas of the body like joints, connective tissues and internal organs. Deep stretches, twists and muscle contractions signal the body to send blood to those areas. Blood carries oxygen throughout the body which is the life force for every cell, ensuring strength and vitality of all living tissues.

Detoxification – toxins are all around us. Yoga training stimulates the body’s natural process of detoxification by massaging and stimulating the organs of elimination through twisting and bending postures.

Strength and Flexibility – postures strengthen and lengthen the body’s connective tissues through physical postures that have been practiced for thousands of years.

Stress Relief – the stress and pressure of our daily lives can lead to serious illness and disease if left unchecked. Yoga calms the body and mind, boosts the immune system and eliminates the toxins that stress creates.

Self Confidence and Self Esteem – A yoga class will make you feel healthy, strong and limber which will immediately boost your self-image and self-confidence. learning yoga postures creates an enormous sense of pride that will improve the way you feel about yourself both inside the studio as well as out in your daily life.

Breath Control – the quality of our breath is directly related to our mental state. When we learn how to consciously control the breath, it helps us to control the body and mind as well. In yoga you learn to maintain a deep consistent breath through the practice and regardless of the posture you are performing. Yoga therefore teaches us to control our state of mind, regardless of the daily stresses we encounter.
If you are looking to take up yoga training in Perth, be sure to contact Pure Moves today!

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